Which end caps do I need?

We have a range of ends available to suit a wide variety of fork dimensions. If you are un sure then please follow these simple steps to figure out what you need to order. For example for a 2019 Fox 36 fork you'll need end caps to suit a 15x110 spacing. This means you have an axle diameter of 15mm and an internal fork width of 110mm.

How do the quick release end caps work without a thru axle?

Quite simply really. All you need to do is hop onto Amazon and buy a cheap and cheerful QR skewer that permanently stays in the mount.

Can I use the fork mounts to hang my bike from a garage wall?

Yes. Our fork mounts are safe to use for static, upright storage on a garage, shed or front room wall!

How high is the axle centreline?

Our 3D printed fork mounts have an axle centreline of 50mm. Our aluminium fork mounts have an axle centreline of 75mm.